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Welcome to Uplifting Kids a 501c3 nonprofit organization that focus on changing the lives of kids and their families when it comes to education, peer pressure, drugs, gangs, violence and problems at home. Uplifting Kids is dedicated to changing a kids life from negative behavioral to positive, we encourage you and your families to read more about Uplifting Kids and our journey and what we do to support children and also our community.

A bit about me my name is Felicia Gregory I am the Ceo of Uplifting Kids, a nonprofit organization. I created Uplifting Kids nonprofit a few years ago, the reason being is because I was once that kid that no one will listen to, I had no sense of direction, no goals, I felt like I was not worthy of anything, not even getting an education or playing sports. I wanted to play sports, I wanted to someday help someone make a difference in there life but my life was not together, I didn’t believe in myself, I always considered myself a looser, a waste to society, a nobody, a troubled kid no one wanted to deal with or help, but not just a troubled kid but a kid that felt alone, lost, hurt, abused, mistreated ,neglected, down,empty inside, and also bullied at times with kids talking about me because I didn’t have as much as them, there are a million words that can express how i felt inside and also how I felt about being a high risk teen and getting into trouble because I felt no one would care about what happens to me anyways.

Well I use to go to school and say I’m never going to be nothing so why come, I didn’t have no support. I felt like I was left to my own discretion as a kid. I was living in this world all alone with no place to go and no one to share my stories or my feelings with. So I Kept them inside. But then I begin to say there is hope somewhere, I begin to say to myself, I am somebody and my feelings do count, someone out there do love me and care about my future and my dreams and goals.

And then I came to school one day and my teachers begin to ask me questions about home, school, friends and my well being, I felt amused because someone is finally asking me about me and how I can possibly get the help that I needed. So I was offered school counseling, I was able to talk about my problems, the school begin to work with me on a safe plan and how to stay safe and who to call if I needed help. Then the school counselor begin to ask me other questions like are there any sports or any activities that I may like and I replied yes I love track, football and basketball and hockey but I was a girl and back then they didn’t allow women or young girls to participate in some of the sports because they were based on men. So I joined the track team and that made me proud but my family couldn’t afford my track shoes or uniform but then with the help of the school I got them both donated to me, I then begin to feel really happy inside and proud of myself, I had this glow about myself because I then found this new team of people that enjoyed the same thing I did, and I had my own little family and I begin to meet friends I was so happy.

Well here is my first race I’m happy and excited and ready to run, on the other side of the field before it was time to run and the gun shoots off pow! There I was running like someone was after me or out to get me lol and I heard my team shouting my name out loud, screaming, yelling, go go go!!!! You can do it push yourself, so with the help of school officials, teachers, staff, sports department, educational programs like tutoring, work class, also a mentor my grades went from being a straight F student to getting A’s B’s and C’s. I started to believe there was light on the other side of the tunnel after all.

So I graduated out of high school with several scholarships and I went to college. After all I am somebody, now I’m hear to share my story with the world and all the kids that don’t believe in themselves and decided to go down the wrong path and the path of destruction. Now here is my chance to give back and change the lives of kids and even adults and to help make a difference. This is why I created Uplifting Kids nonprofit organization. I strongly agree that if a kid have something positive to look forward to they don’t have a lot of time to get into trouble if you would only keep focus and driven and give them the support and the tools that they need our world would be a better place to live in. Children need our support, guidance, leadership, love, hope, commitment, and participation and words of encouragement to help move them in the right direction.

We need your help in order to open up more programs and activities for the children, funds will be used towards education,sports, field trips and much more. Donate today to help save the life of a child, help make a difference together we can. The children is our future Thank you.

Sincerely, The Ceo Of Uplifting Kids, Felicia Gregory

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